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Glide through the water with all the right gear and the right advice from Train Race Inspire.

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Become one with the bike with the latest high quality cycling apparel from Train Race Inspire.

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Run like the wind, with all the cutting-edge technologies in apparel and footwear.

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Triathlon Tips
Did you know? Triathlon burns on average 700 calories an hour. Uses over 93% of your muscles and works your chest, shoulders, lats, quads, hamstring, glutes, calves and your core muscles. It is the highest calories burnt per hour for any sport. If you aren’t hooked on Triathlons, get started now with some great triathlon apparel specials from Train Race Inspire.
Swimming Tips
Did you know? Never spit or rub inside your goggles, over time rubbing and your saliva (0.5% is made up of enzymes and mucus) breaks down/smudges the anti-fog coating. Bring a bottle of fresh cold water and spray it into the goggle (but don’t rub it) that activates the anti-fog. Put them straight on before they dry. Then after your swim rinse the goggles off with the fresh water and let them dry and put them back in the case and store away from direct sunlight. This will prolong the quality of goggles and anti-fog by 42%. Remember new goggles fog less than old goggles, so save the new ones for race day.
Running Tips
Did you know? While running, each foot takes 3 times your body weight when striking the ground. Our feet make up over 25% of our body’s bones. There are 26 bones in each foot, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Each foot is a very complex structure that has a major job to do each day providing support, balance and mobility. It’s best to invest in good footwear.

What our customers are saying

Brad Kahlefeldt Train Race Inspire Testimonial
You will do so well with your new online store. Your new Train Race Inspire Triathlon range is amazing and made from the highest quality from Scody. All the best.
Brad Kahlefeldt. Commonwealth Gold Medallist – Scody Sponsored Athlete
Kylie Palmer Train Race Inspire Testimonial
Thanks for your support over the last year! You have a great range of Vorgee accessories and swimwear. Can’t wait to see the new store!
Kylie Palmer. Olympic Gold Medallist – Vorgee Sponsored Athlete – World Record holder
Christian Sprenger Train Race Inspire Testimonial
You have such a fantastic range of Speedo and the team's knowledge is second to none throughout all products. You will do so well. Goodluck.
Christian Sprenger. Olympic Silver medallist – Speedo Sponsored Athlete – World Record holder
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